Online Resources To Learn English On Your Own

Hi everyone. In this post I am going to talk more in detail about the kind of resources that you will find in the articles of this blog. As I said previously, I’m going to focus mostly in self-education of the English language and not in a specific method. First, to get things easier we’re going to divide the language in topics or sections easy to distinguish. This will be very important when organizing your study time and will allow you to get a better image of how the language is composed. So.

We can divide the English Learning Process basically in:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Speaking and pronunciation
  • Reading
  • Slang and idioms

I remember back in school, the English classes were so boring, and were about repeating sentences and words after the teacher had said them. Supposing that he was pronouncing them correctly. This is currently the main problem in English teaching, and it’s very common to think that this is the only way to learn it. But definitely this is not the case nowadays. Now with the technology and the Internet everything has changed so radically, and learning a new language can become in something really exciting. It’s only necessary to know how to do it and also where to find the proper resources. This is the reason why I am doing these videos. Now with the aid of the Internet, you will realize that learning English is possible for anyone and it is affordable for almost everyone. There are so many free and paid resources for everybody, even for the tightest budget. However, learning English requires dedicated effort, this is something that has not changed, but I think that the required effort to do it is less than four years ago.

For Grammar practice, there are websites where you will find interactive exercises with detailed explanations about the usage of each one of the grammatical rules. Also there are very good quality Apps that you can download in your smartphone, eBooks and grammar books and YouTube Channels, where you will find English teachers teaching in the traditional way. They are explaining with examples in a whiteboard with the advantages that YouTube offers.

For Listening Comprehension, it is possible to find a huge variety of audio books, Internet radio stations, music, millions of YouTube channels in English of almost every imaginable topic. You can also train with music lyrics, for this there are websites that are great and very effective.

For writing, there are too many websites where it is possible to practice typing lessons to get accuracy and speed when typing. Although the truth is that with writing and proper spelling in English, you can only get better along the way. It’s practically impossible to have a perfect orthography since the beginning, additionally it’s worthless to worry for a flawless writing because the only thing that will cause is frustration and you don’t want that..

To practice the pronunciation, the more effective way is to imitate the native English people trying to give your best when doing it. To do this there are a lot of websites that have exercises where your can play audios of words and sentences of common situations of life, and the only thing you need to do is to repeat them as similar as possible. There are exercises for all the levels, from the most basic with simple words, until complete stories with an extensive vocabulary. At this point, the dictionaries online are very useful, but I am going to dedicate a complete video to these resources because of their importance.

For reading. I remember the times when it was almost impossible to get an English book and the only ones at our disposal were grammar books that were used in the schools. Now everything is so different, and you have access to almost any book from anywhere in the world right away, and the only thing you need is a basic smartphone and an Internet connection. The bottom line here is how to find it and do it. Well, this is exactly what I want to teach in this blog.

The slang and idioms are so important if you want to hold more interesting conversations with English native speakers because they are so common in the casual communication. Most of the time it is not possible to translate them to a different language because the outcome that you would get will not have any sense. You will see that idioms not always follow grammatical rules but they give that spicy and unique flavor to one language. Don’t be scared about them, it is greatly interesting and funny to learn them.

This was a small introduction of the type of content in the posts of this blog. Of course, there are a lot of more things that I have not taken into account in this moment, but in some moment I will be creating proper post. The learning process of the English language is something really complex and it is not possible to describe it completely in a short post like this. So you can check out the upcoming ones.

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