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This is going to be a short video where I want to talk about a dictionary that is extremely useful for people who speak Spanish and that are learning English. This simple dictionary works on a Windows PC and has several advantages that make it very convenient. For example, it can recognize if the word that you are looking for, has the form of a 3rd person, past, superlative, progressive or plural. When showing the results, the dictionary gives all the possible translations to Spanish of the word in English that we want to know its translation. It has a database of thousands and thousands of words that it can recognize without the necessity of being connected to the Internet. Something else, when you write a word that the dictionary doesn’t recognize, it offers several possible alternatives in the results window that are pretty accurate. Even being a very old software and sadly discontinued, it is a tool that for me was fundamental during my learning process of the English language.

Well, the most important feature of this dictionary is in this little window where you can translate the words from English to Spanish writing them in this field and pressing return, and then you get the results in this windows. Here the software has detected the type of word and the different meanings, depending if the word is a verb, noun, substantive or adjective. In the window where you get the results, are the icons to copy, the help of the program but the truth is that it doesn’t give any help. The third icon is supposed that activates the instant translation to Spanish when you hover the mouse over any word in English on the screen, but it barely works in the current computers. I think this is because the dictionary has not been updated since several years ago. Even the developer has eliminated the dictionary from its website. It’s sad because the dictionary had a lot of potential for improvement.

For you to get the dictionary, I’m going to leave in the description of the video the links to download it through some websites, and I am also going to upload it to the site for direct download. This is a free software and due to this it is possible to share it freely. Once the software is installed and after the program is initiated, the dictionary is only going to show this tiny icon on the tray in the Windows taskbar. The only thing you have to do is right click it and this menu will pop up. The option Activate is to enable the instantaneous translation that I had mentioned when you hover the mouse on any word that is written in English. It almost never works and when it does it is pretty inaccurate, but of course you can try it. To make the little window for the translations to appear, you have to click on the option that says Translate Word. The other option of Interfáz en Español, it just changes the language of the dictionary to Spanish, but it continues working only to translate words from English to Spanish.

Now I am going to test the dictionary with some examples with some words for you to see how it works. For example the word “want”. It shows all the possible translations when it is a substantive and a verb. Now the progressive of “want” that is “wanting”. In the results are shown the translations when it is and adjective and here clarifying that it is the progressive. The past of “want” is “wanted”. In the same way it clarifies it in the results. Lastly the plural of “want” it is written as “wants”. The results show the translations when it is a plural or when the word is the third person.

Another word that I can put as an additional example, the word “cheap”. The superlative is “cheapest”. As always the dictionary clarifies that the word is the superlative and shows all the possible translations.

I know that this is a very simple dictionary and it can be easily overlooked, however I think that was really worth it to make a video explaining how it works, this is because for me it was one of the most useful tools to learn English and I hope it’s going to help you out as well.

Before ending the video I want to thank the people who has taken the time to watch the videos that I have uploaded to this channel. My goal is to share a little of what I have learned about how to learn English by yourself when the things are difficult, when you don’t have any support from anyone else or when you don’t have any idea how to start out. Above all, thanks to the people that has given their trust by subscribing to this channel. Now there are 62 subscribers, something that I think is so incredible. At the beginning I just wanted to give some help to some friends that were asking me what I did to learn English, but apparently I will have the opportunity to give some help to some other persons and this is something so cool. Of course the next year I’m committed to continue making the videos because this is just the beginning. This is going to be the last video in English of the year 2016 and I didn’t want to to miss the opportunity without wishing you a great ending of the year, also I hope the year 2017 will be the year when you reach the necessary fluency in the English and at the same time to improve your life. I see you in the next video and have a happy new year 2017.


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