Steve Kaufmann’s Channel Review

This is one of the videos that I really wanted to make because I’m going to talk about one of my mentors in my English learning process. In the 5th video I talked in a pretty general manner about polyglots, those amazing people that are able to speak several languages without too much difficulty, and that it’s possible to think that they have special powers or something like that. The truth is that in real life, it’s very difficult to have the opportunity of having a conversation with someone able to speak so many languages, and even harder make that person tell us how he or she does that. But exactly as I said in that video, now that is not necessary, because it can be achieved simply by watching the videos that they share on YouTube. Now I’m going to talk about Steve kaufmann, who I have noted so far, is the most active and constant polyglot on YouTube. I want to make this review focusing in the value he shares to anyone willing to listen to him. Something very important that I want to put clear, es that this video is not to criticize. I am not going to do something like that, simply because I have no right to do it. I am doing it because I want the person who will watch this video feel interested to check Steve’s videos, also to analyze if watching his videos is worth it and to subscribe to his channel if considered that the advices in them are going to be useful.

So, to find the channel of Steve Kaufmann, you only have to write his name in the search box of youTube. That easy. The type of videos in his channel are very common on YouTube, but something that is not common at all, is the so valuable knowledge that he shares. In general, the type of videos he does, are about him sitting in front of the camera talking about a specific topic related to language learning. As far as I know, he speaks 12 languages, but I am not really sure. But something that is a fact is that he knows what he’s talking about. So, when you are in the channel, you can come to this part where you will find all the videos that he has shared. At the beginning the videos are ordered to see the more recent at the top, but changing this option right here, you can order them to show the oldest at the top. The amount of videos in his channel is huge and it’s not about watching all of them. That wouldn’t have any sense to do it. But there are some videos that are worth it to watch them several times, and this is something that I have done in the past.

One of the best things in this channel is this part here with the playlists. Here you can see with more clarity the kind of videos that Steve makes. Here he organizes the videos in categories to make easier the finding of the videos that you are interested in. This is really convenient. Though he makes the majority of the videos speaking in English, it’s also possible to find some playlists with videos he has made speaking the languages he knows. Of course there are playlists with videos in Spanish. Overall with a basic English understanding you will have a good idea about the content he shares. Now that you are watching the playlists in his channel, I recommend 100% to watch the playlist “7 secrets of Language Learning” because in these videos is summarized the method he uses to learn the languages he knows.

It’s amazing but the channel of Steve Kaufmann has become in a whole community of people learning languages around the world. We can note the way the people interact in the comments section of his videos. Something that is admirable is that Steve also joins to the conversations answering the comments continuously. Obviously he will not respond to all of them because there are too many, but is someone that is not impossible to reach to get an answer to a question you may have. This means that if you ask for something in a comment, is very likely that he will answer, or if not, someone from the community could resolve your question. This is something so great.

Now we are going to see something different. Let’s check the numbers in the channel of Steve Kaufmann in this website called In this site you can see the basic statistics of any YouTube channel. For example in the channel of Steve, we can see that he has uploaded almost 900 videos, that he has almost 90,000 subscribers, you can see the amount of views, also that he is from Canada, that this is an educational channel and something outstanding is that he is a Youtube user since the year 2007, which is incredible because he is present almost since the creation of YouTube. Wow.

In this part is the ranking in which his channel is with respect to subscribers and views. Here there’s a summary about the last days and you can see how every day subscribers and views are increasing in his videos. With this button appears a summary with more details and graphics that will give you an idea how his channel is performing. Something that is remarkable is that the growth in his channel is constant. There are no days when the subscribers or views are decreasing, and this fact shows the quality content that other people is recognizing in his videos.

Social Blade also has a very interesting option and useful to find the best videos of any YouTube channel. I’m talking about this one that says User Videos. If you click here you can see the last 50 uploaded videos to the channel, the 50 most watched, the 50 best evaluated and the 50 most relevant. There is something that is remarkable in this part of the last 50 videos. Pay attention to the dates of publication and check all the videos that he has uploaded in September, for example. Only in this month he has uploaded more than 20 videos. This is amazing! This is commitment with his community and passion for what he does.

Anyway, there are a lot of things that we can talk about this amazing channel but I also want to leave something for you to discover on your own. In my opinion, one of the best things that one person learning a second language can do, is subscribing to Steve’s channel. Definitely I recommend the subscription to his channel. And I am not saying this because I am going to receive any benefit for making this video. Not, at all. I am doing it because I really believe in what I have said and because I’m so grateful with Steve Kaufmann for all of what I have learned from him. I hope some day he will watch this video and like it.

Well, I see you in the next video, which is one the the videos that I am looking forward to make, because I am going to make a review of the book La Vaca from Mr. Camilo Cruz, that also has an English version called Once Upon A Cow. For that video I am going to go back to make the animations as with the previous videos. Maybe it will take me a little longer but I am sure when the video is complete is going to be amazing. Thank you for watching the video and I hope you have an awesome day. See you soon.

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