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The Fear To Study English And How To Overcome It

In this video you will realize that something interesting happens when you are learning English. It’s something that may cause so much frustration and might be one of the biggest obstacles to reach the goal of speaking fluently. I’m talking about the fear to study English. And I’m not talking about the fear to speak in English, which is something that comes afterwards and that can also be something very difficult to overcome sometimes. It’s possible that you don’t even have thought this fear is worthwhile of attention, but it is something that can affect negatively with so much intensity to some people, but this is going to depend on the person who is suffering it. This is a fear that comes up especially when trying to study in an environment where the study of the English language is not very common. It mostly happens when somebody starts practicing the English pronunciation, trying to repeat words and phrases and feels frightened because people around him or her is laughing, or they are looking at him or her in a weird manner, also for the simple fact that the person studying looks strange doing something which no one is accustomed to see in that environment.

Steve Kaufmann’s Channel Review

This is one of the videos that I really wanted to make because I’m going to talk about one of my mentors in my English learning process. In the 5th video I talked in a pretty general manner about polyglots, those amazing people that are able to speak several languages without too much difficulty, and that it’s possible to think that they have special powers or something like that. The truth is that in real life, it’s very difficult to have the opportunity of having a conversation with someone able to speak so many languages, and even harder make that person tell us how he or she does that. But exactly as I said in that video, now that is not necessary, because it can be achieved simply by watching the videos that they share on YouTube. Now I’m going to talk about Steve kaufmann, who I have noted so far, is the most active and constant polyglot on YouTube. I want to make this review focusing in the value he shares to anyone willing to listen to him. Something very important that I want to put clear, es that this video is not to criticize. I am not going to do something like that, simply because I have no right to do it. I am doing it because I want the person who will watch this video feel interested to check Steve’s videos, also to analyze if watching his videos is worth it and to subscribe to his channel if considered that the advices in them are going to be useful.

Learning English From The Best Language Teachers: The Polyglots

Have you ever felt completely alone and with no idea of who you can ask for help and advice to improve your English? It’s something very disappointing when you feel stuck with English and there is nobody with the capacity to lead you in the language learning process. Many times not even the English teacher is able to give a good advice, because it turns out that he does not speak fluently the language that he is supposed to be highly knowledgeable, and he only gives basic grammar in the classroom, and we know that grammar alone is not very effective. Before Internet, it was a big problem to find an excellent mentor when starting to learn a new language. Now with the Internet, the problem is that people don’t know how to find those mentors, simply because they don’t know how to make a proper search.

The Fears Before Starting To Learn English

When the idea of starting to learn English begins to round in your mind, too many times the first impulse is of excitement because you imagine yourself speaking fluently, getting a better job, making foreign friends and doing amazing things. It’s really exciting that first vision that you can have just in the beginning, even more when somebody that already speaks English is telling you all the things that he can do, or when you are being offered an English course, generally the seller tries to create this mental picture to encourage you to pay for the course. And it is true, indeed you are going to be able to do all these things and many more. But… Once you get the first grammar book and after a couple of hours of study the situation is completely different. You start to realize that everything is senseless, that you cannot pronounce the words, that you do not understand anything when people is speaking in English because they speak too quickly and you start to doubt that you can do it. Well, welcome to the club!