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Book Review – (La Vaca) Once Upon A Cow – Camilo Cruz

Do you want to learn English more than anything else in the world, but there is always something that makes it so difficult and almost impossible to achieve? It seems incredible that the solution can be found in a book that is sold in almost any bookstore. But more than a simple book, it is a guide that will teach you step by step how to recognize, handle and eliminate all those obstacles that appear when you’re starting to learn English. The book that I am talking about and the one that is going to be reviewed in this video is “La Vaca” or the English version “Once Upon A Cow” written by Dr. Camilo Cruz. If you have heard about it, you know that it is not a book to learn English. The book is not telling you at any moment, that to learn English you have to do this and that. However, something that I am sure is that to learn English, it’s necessary to have a guide to overcome the obstacles, excuses and fears along the language learning. Al these limitations are the cows that the book is going to teach you how to kill to attain success when learning the English language. It’s possible that you have never heard an interpretation of the book such as the one in this video, but you will realize how a book that is thought to teach you how to get success in life, you can use it to be successful learning English. So, let’s start with the sad but happy story of the cow.

Steve Kaufmann’s Channel Review

This is one of the videos that I really wanted to make because I’m going to talk about one of my mentors in my English learning process. In the 5th video I talked in a pretty general manner about polyglots, those amazing people that are able to speak several languages without too much difficulty, and that it’s possible to think that they have special powers or something like that. The truth is that in real life, it’s very difficult to have the opportunity of having a conversation with someone able to speak so many languages, and even harder make that person tell us how he or she does that. But exactly as I said in that video, now that is not necessary, because it can be achieved simply by watching the videos that they share on YouTube. Now I’m going to talk about Steve kaufmann, who I have noted so far, is the most active and constant polyglot on YouTube. I want to make this review focusing in the value he shares to anyone willing to listen to him. Something very important that I want to put clear, es that this video is not to criticize. I am not going to do something like that, simply because I have no right to do it. I am doing it because I want the person who will watch this video feel interested to check Steve’s videos, also to analyze if watching his videos is worth it and to subscribe to his channel if considered that the advices in them are going to be useful.