The 5 Most Important Reasons To Learn English

This is the blog version of the videos that I am uploading to YouTube, and here I’m going to be posting basically the same content of the videos. However the fact of having a full website like this, gives a lot of advantages, and now I have the opportunity of sharing in a different way the content of the channel, along with other publications only possible with a blog. I am not going to focus on one specific method to learn English, instead, I’m going to talk about the resources that you can find on the Internet, mostly for free. I’m sure that this information is going to be really helpful to more than one person. I’m really excited to start this channel, but I have to accept that has taken me a long time to decide to do it, it was not easy whatsoever. But the will to share this knowledge was stronger, so, here we are. And the best way to start is by sharing my 5 main reasons to learn English. Of course there are more you may think about, however I could say that everything boils down to these five.

The first one: Your income increases as well as your job opportunities.

This is the most obvious fact of all and one of the most common reasons why people start to learn English. If you speak English, you are thinking in your future and that means that you are ready to face the challenges of a globalized world, where English is the language of business. It is very attractive for companies and the best jobs are going to be for better prepared people. So, if you speak English you have the advantage. This is a fact. It’s worth mentioning that one of the burgeoning industries in our countries is English Customer Service. The famous Call Centers that employ to so many people. For someone who is fluent in English, is not difficult at all to get a job in a Call Center. This is something that I am going to be talking about with more detail in a later video.

The Second One: Your have access to a whole new world of unbelievable new things that you can see, hear, read, visit and learn.

When you understand the English you can enjoy in a unique fashion of the best movies, music, TV shows, books and an amazing amount of new knowledge. You can make new friends from anywhere in the world with the aid of the Internet and Social Networks. Furthermore, when you are able to speak in English, making new friends becomes something super interesting. It is not limited to talk only to people that speaks just your language, now you have the opportunity to learn about other cultures directly from people from those countries that are going to share their experiences with you. English is also the language of tourism. With English you have the perfect excuse to travel abroad and live unique experiences, and share your ideas with people from different countries.

The Third One: It gives you an enormous satisfaction for being bilingual.

Learning a second language is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life. It gives you a sensation of pride about yourself, similar to reaching an impossible goal. You feel great and confident to achieve any new challenge in life. I am not exaggerating. Most of the people think that learning English is an impossible thing. I was one of them. But, when you understand that you are able to do it, your self-confidence and self-esteem soar amazingly. You say things like “I can’t believe that I did it”, or “Wow I didn’t know that I could learn something like that” It’s an amazing feeling. And something that is paramount, is that you now know you are going to be able to give a better lifestyle to your loved ones, because of the new job opportunities that you will have.

The Fourth One: You get the necessary training to learn an additional language way easier.

One of the best thing of learning English is that it gives you the confidence to learn an additional language with more security and you will realize that the process of learning a new language is something attainable for anybody. This is because when you learn your first second language, your learn tricks, methods, shorter ways that will help you to learn new words, grammatical rules and specific things of a different language that are senseless when you are learning your first second language. This means that you develop your own method to learn, and it is applicable to a third language.

The Fifth One: It opens the door to world class self-education.

This is my favorite reason. English is the language of science and knowledge. This is a fact across the world. The best books, researches, video courses, scientific articles and educational content are mostly in English. I watched a TED conference where the person giving the talk said “This is a sad fact” and I agree, it is sad. But this is not something bad at all. The world needs one universal language to share knowledge. This makes that the best education is only available in English. And this is the reason I consider paramount to anyone willing to improve their life.

This site is going to be based on Self-Education.

It’s not about imposing a style to learn English. Everyone of us learns in a different way and it is senseless to teach the same thing to everybody. We have the freedom to learn at our own pace. This is one of the blessings of this age we live in. We only need to take the decision to do it. Well, in this blog I am going to share and review as many resources on the Internet as possible, not only to learn English, but to get better. Having the skill to find out the and get the most out of all this content on the internet has changed my life. Now I have to share it, I feel it is my duty.

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