The Fear To Study English And How To Overcome It

In this video you will realize that something interesting happens when you are learning English. It’s something that may cause so much frustration and might be one of the biggest obstacles to reach the goal of speaking fluently. I’m talking about the fear to study English. And I’m not talking about the fear to speak in English, which is something that comes afterwards and that can also be something very difficult to overcome sometimes. It’s possible that you don’t even have thought this fear is worthwhile of attention, but it is something that can affect negatively with so much intensity to some people, but this is going to depend on the person who is suffering it. This is a fear that comes up especially when trying to study in an environment where the study of the English language is not very common. It mostly happens when somebody starts practicing the English pronunciation, trying to repeat words and phrases and feels frightened because people around him or her is laughing, or they are looking at him or her in a weird manner, also for the simple fact that the person studying looks strange doing something which no one is accustomed to see in that environment.

When I decided to learn English until make it a reality, something started to happen at that moment that I didn’t believe was important, but it was undermining my progress in the language. I realized that I preferred to practice the pronunciation when no one in my house was watching. When someone was coming to me, I stopped the practice of the pronunciation and I started simply to read and repeat the words in my mind, because I felt awkward trying to pronounce the words that were difficult for me. When I was finally practicing out loud, people around me started to look at me in a weird manner and I also saw some laughters that were really hard to assimilate. For a while I gave up the practice when somebody else was around me. At that moment the best thing that could happen to me, was notice that it was a real fear that was affecting me and that it was not going to help me to improve whatsoever. So, I watched a video on YouTube about self-esteem, that was about how to improve the self-confidence. In that moment I wrote something similar to a “Contract” where I wrote the exact amount of time that I had to learn to speak in English, where not to achieve it was not an option, because learning English was going to be the most important step in my life to get the things that I wanted to reach. At the bottom of the contract I signed it and it was also signed by two witnesses to make the commitment real. From that point, surprisingly I was never fearful again to study in front of someone else, and no one was laughing at me when I was doing it. This may seem silly and it’s probable that more than one person will laugh when hearing this, but the point is that it worked and that is the only thing that matters.

I think it’s almost understandable this fear to study English in front of other people, because for example here in Guatemala, it’s not very common to see somebody really committed with the study of the English language. Someone who is 100% committed to learn English may have a little weird behaviour when studying English. For instance, talking with no people around him, being distracted and some other things not very common. This happens because when somebody that in fact is going to learn English with a very good level and in a relatively short amount of time, is because he or she is obsessed to achieve it, and something that I am now sure is that when you get to that point, the behaviour changes. It’s unavoidable.

I have seen too many people to have this type of fear and they don’t even realize that they have it. It also happened to me and the way it appears it’s something like this. When trying to read the following phrase in English, when this fear is present could sound something similar to this. (With fear) Was there something wrong with the clothes?. Now with more confidence could sound similar to this. (Without fear) Was there something wrong with the clothes?. So, generally it is about the tone of voice that is used to read the sentence, because when this fear is present, the tone of voice is low and the voice sounds fearful. Of course, this is not about always reading out loud almost yelling, because doing this during too much time, causes tiredness in the throat. It is about recognizing our natural tone of voice and use it as much as possible during the study, because at the moment when speaking with a real person, our self confidence will be higher and the fear to speak in English will be minimum.

Generally this fear affects mostly to the people that has a not very high self-confidence in themselves. On the opposite, the people with a high level of self-confidence, it’s likely that will never suffer it. Well, if this is about confidence in ourselves, the secret to get rid of this fear is to increase the self-confidence. One way to do it is with the guidance of somebody else that can motivate and show us the road to accomplish the things that we believe were too difficult or impossible. But, What happens when there is nobody to motivate us? Well, here comes up the self-motivation. Self-motivation is a skill that like any other skill can be learned by any person. It’s like learning to drive a car. At the beginning it’s very hard, but eventually it becomes something natural that is made with a lot of easiness without thinking how to turn the steering wheel, how to use the break or how to accelerate. Previously I made a video called “What You Need To Learn English On Your Own” In it I explain the importance of having a very important reason to learn English. The link is in the description. Take into account that when you find a motive for which it’s worthwhile to make a big effort, the self-motivation will start to be by your side to give you the necessary confidence to ignore what other people is saying, and of course will give you the confidence you will need at the moment when you need to speak in English with a real person. You have to understand that the initial fear will go away eventually, and that at the moment when you overcome those initial fears, the learning process of the English language will be something very easy to do. Remember that now you will never be alone to learn the art of self-motivation, it’s enough to go to YouTube and make a search of motivational videos to get some inspiration to do it.

One of the things that will help you out the most is to have a role model. In my case was Mr. Jack Ma, the founder of the biggest e-commerce business in the world Alibaba. He learned the English on his own when he was only a teenager, working for free as a tourist guide. He did this during nine years in exchange for English lessons with the foreigners, and now he is the richest man in Asia. Something else that you also have to learn as soon as possible, is not giving importance to what people say about you. Throughout your life you will find people that will not believe in your dreams, that are going to tell you that it is not possible, and will give you a lot of reasons to show you that It’s impossible to accomplish the things that they don’t believe are possible to achieve in their lives either. In that moment, the best thing you can do is to throw all that garbage that people is saying about you and repeat you over and over again that you are able to do it. The only opinion you have to care, is the opinion given by the person you see in front of you in the mirror. And make sure the opinión is going to be a very good one. When you become this kind of person, suddenly some unexpected and good things start to happen. Some people will start to be inspired by you and will begin to ask themselves if it is possible for them to do it. Then, when you see that this is happening never criticize them, never make fun of them, but if you encourage these people that are starting to believe that it is possible for them, you will realize that you are not only helping them, also your self-confidence will start to increase enormously. Of course that to be able to help somebody else out, first you have to get better on anything you are going to do.

Something else that is extremely effective to increase your self-confidence is to visualize yourself already having completed the dream of speaking English. Visualize yourself as vividly as possible, having reached the goal of being fluent in English and also as someone who doesn’t care criticism of people at all. As an example, be like a duck, that without caring how much water is thrown on it, the duck will be always dry. The truth is that I don’t know why self-visualization works, but the thing is that somehow it works. For you to understand more about it, make a search in YouTube “The secret law of attraction”, you will find a documentary about the law of attraction. It’s really good, watch it and you will see what I’m talking about. Lastly I want to mention something that I learned the bad way and is this. Don’t share your goals. Don’t do it because other people are not going to understand them, they will not care about them either and they are going to criticize you for having goals. It’s worthless to accumulate this sort of negative situations in your way towards the fluency in English, and the best thing you can do to do avoid it, is not sharing your goals. Unless it is with positive people or folks that want to achieve the same objectives.

Something that people that has learned to speak English with a very good level, is that fear is a personal decisión and depends of oneself to face it or give in to it. So let me encourage you because I have no doubt that you are going to do it.

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