The Fears Before Starting To Learn English

When the idea of starting to learn English begins to round in your mind, too many times the first impulse is of excitement because you imagine yourself speaking fluently, getting a better job, making foreign friends and doing amazing things. It’s really exciting that first vision that you can have just in the beginning, even more when somebody that already speaks English is telling you all the things that he can do, or when you are being offered an English course, generally the seller tries to create this mental picture to encourage you to pay for the course. And it is true, indeed you are going to be able to do all these things and many more. But… Once you get the first grammar book and after a couple of hours of study the situation is completely different. You start to realize that everything is senseless, that you cannot pronounce the words, that you do not understand anything when people is speaking in English because they speak too quickly and you start to doubt that you can do it. Well, welcome to the club!

Starting to learn English from scratch can be very frightening if you don’t have the proper assistance. There are so many weird things that you have to learn that obligate you to get out of your comfort zone to adventure in uncharted places that at the beginning can be very scary. This is completely normal! And it would be rare if you don’t feel this way, we are humans and it is our natural way of being. The difference is going to be your determination and the method that you utilize to attack these fears that can be overcome in a simple manner, although not easy. If you think about it, the fear is something you have learned along your life thanks to situations when you have experienced pain in some way. But you know that if something is hurting you when you do it in certain way, there is also a different way to do it that will not cause you that pain. With English is the same thing. To succeed in English you have to understand the principles of how to learn a new language. So, when you are conscious of what you do well and what you do wrong, the learning process becomes something natural and you are not scared about weird things of the language that you will come across.

There are too many reasons or excuses that are ricocheting your mind and because of them it is so terrifying to start to learn English, and it’s going to be necessary that you are aware of them. Not to practice them, but to understand which are the things that successful language learners have endured, but that they have overcome. Learning English only depends on yourself and you are the only one that can ruin it, too. So, the initial fears are things that you can tell to yourself in a negative way. For example:

  • It’s too difficult.
  • It’s too expensive to learn English.
  • The pronunciation is impossible.
  • It takes too long to learn it.
  • I’m too old to learn a new language.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • People is going to make fun of me when I make a mistake.
  • I’m too shy.
  • I don’t know the people who can teach me English.
  • Nobody is going to support me.
  • I never learned in school.
  • I am not a genius.
  • I don’t have the gift to learn it.
  • I don’t have the means to pay for it.
  • And a bunch of other ones, but these are the most common.

Many times these excuses have a completely valid justification for several reasons, however at the end they continue being excuses. But something you need to have clear is that a lot of people have had the same excuses and even worst problems, nevertheless they have succeeded. “But these are not excuses” You might say. So, what are they? All of those excuses are cows! Yes, I said cows. “That nice animal that makes the sound moo” Maybe in this moment this is sounding senseless, and I say it because there is a book that is one of my favorite ones. The book is “Once Upon a Cow” the author is Mr. Camilo Cruz. This is a book that can change a person’s life and I am going to dedicate a post and a video to make the proper review, and you will realize that excuses are just cows. This is because I believe that the content in the book is all about referring to the excuses when trying to learning English. The book teaches you how to recognize your cows, how to “kill” them and how to live a life without cows. It’s an amazing book and in this channel I am going to apply many of the principles that I have learned in it and from other books that I will be sharing as well.

Of course I am going to tell you where you can find the information and the necessary resources to be motivated along your journey learning the language. There is so much information and people dedicated to share their happiness and self-motivation secrets, and everyone of us can learn from them. It will be like having your own personal coach training you in the art of self-motivation. It is something unbelievable.

The secret is believe that you can really do it. It is frightening at the beginning, I know it, I was in the same situation during so many years. When I was 30 years old I couldn’t speak any English. I understood some things here and there, but I wasn’t able to form a simple sentence and speak it. But I understood many things that I have talked about in this video, not all of them that’s for sure. But the necessary ones to believe that I could do it. Now imagine that you can do it too, that you are free of fears, that everything is possible and it is just about time to succeed. Now, keep that mental image because it is going to be very important along your way. Learning English requires to learn how to self-motivate and also this is something that you can self-teach to yourself.

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